Flying QXM Quadcopters

This guide provides instruction for final setup and flying QXM MultiWii based Quadracopters.


1. Overview

This Guide will introduce you to flying your quadracopter using a Spektrum DX6i 6 Channel Transmitter, the same transmitter referenced through the quadracopter build process. This Guide will cover how to fly the following SIDrones models: QXM550-S, QXM550-L, QXM360

2. Calibrations

In this lesson you will make the necessary calibrations to get started (trim calibrations will come later). You will calibrate the accelerometer and magnetometer in this lesson. If you scroll down towards the bottom of this lesson there is a video to aid you as you begin to test your quadracopter’s rotations.

3. Preparing for Flight

In this lesson you will complete a 4 point test. A 4 point test will confirm that all motors are ready to go and spinning in the correct directions. During the 4 point test you will be lifting two feet of the quadracopter at a time. Preparing for this test, you will attach a battery monitor to your battery. This is a great lesson to double check that everything is up and running properly before flying your quadracopter for real.

4. Multiwii Flight Controller Modes

This lesson shows how to adjust the flight modes through the MultiWii config console. For this lesson, you will need to get MultiWii Config running on your computer again. This step is mandatory in order to fly your quadracopter. It's highly recommended to follow along these settings for your MultiWii configuration, but if you wish to set other settings at some point, be sure to always be ready for the worst.

5. Flight

This lesson will give instruction on your first flight. Note that if the outside temperature is different than the inside/storage temp, you must allow time for the sensors to adjust to the temperature in the flight environment. This can take up to two minutes depending on the temp differential. The first flight should be done outdoors in large open area. Quadracopters can do unpredictable things. Flying on soft ground like grass is advantageous. Fly carefully, and avoid making any sudden maneuvers until you get used to the quadracopters movements.

6. Complete

Congratulations you are now an expert at flying your new QXM series quadracopter! You can now check out the Multiwii Resources Page to get more information on customizing your QXM550. Prior to flying your craft, it is important to know the rules and related FAA regulations. Recreational UAS must be operated in accordance within the safety guidelines such as those provided by Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Academy of Model Aeronautics Also you should review the rules and guidelines at Know Before You Fly Keep posted for new Guides and Kits!