Falcon QXM550-L Kit


Falcon QXM550-L Quadracopter

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Product Description

The Falcon Quadracopter is constructed of a highly durable carbon fiber and Aluminum frame. This light and aerodynamic frame provides a rigid construction without adding weight. The frame is pre-assembled and partially wired so all you have too do is attach the flight controller, receiver and install software. This Quadracopter is controlled by a standard 6 axis RC transmitter for manual flight. The flight controller has a 3 axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer (electronic compass) all of which work to keep the craft stable at all times. These Quadracopters have a high enough payload for small cameras while achieving a 10-30 minute flight time per charge depending on payload size and wind speeds. The 4 brushless DC flight controllers are controlled by 4 18 amp speed controllers and a Turnigy nano tech battery. This Quadracopter is sold as a kit but includes detailed instructions with pictures and videos along the way. You will also find all the software and custom settings for your model included. At the end of your instructions you will find a link to our multiwii references page which will allow you to learn about customizing your quadracopter including the addition of a GPS. To access your assembly guide click here